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!!!VLSI System Lab
Our research topics are related to LSIs. Currently, we focus on AI-based LSI automated design, Reliabilities of LSIs such as permanent errors and transient(soft) errors.
!! Staff
*[Kazutoshi Kobayashi|https://sites.google.com/view/kazutoshikobayashi/english-cv-for-prof-kazutoshi-kobayashi] (Professor)
*Hirokazu Takai (Professor)
*Akira Hiroki (Assosiate Professor)
*[Michihiro Shintani|https://sites.google.com/view/shintanimichihiro/] (Associate Professor)
*Jun Furuta (Assistant Professor)
*Shigetaka Kumashiro (Senior Fellow)
*Koji Nii (Senior Fellow)
!!Research Topics
*NBTI(Negative Bias Temperature Instability)
*RTN (Random Telegraph Noise)
*Soft Errors
*LSI designs by AI/Machine-Learning
*Device simulation
*Power Electronics

*[List of Papers on Journal and Conferences|http://www-vlsi.es.kit.ac.jp/database/paper-e.php5]